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The borders of Sahel

Elaboration based on the definitions of the authors.

The breath of Sahel

The study area

Defined at North of the isohyeta 150 mm/y (2015-19) and South of the isohyeta 850 mm/y (1981-85), reported at WWF Level 8 hydrographic limits.

The core of Sahel

The liminal Sahel and the buffer zone

Hydrographic Sahel

Hydrographic Sahel

Political Sahel

The weight of borders

Land Productivity Dynamics

LPD Sahel – Source; Joint Research Centre

Pivot 2005, 2016-2018-2021

Analisi temporale e spaziale dei Pivot dal 2016 al 2018 da catalogo Sentinel 2. I Pivot iniziano ad apparire nel 2005 a nord del Sudan.